Why simplicity beats complexity

Here at Steamfish we started out producing animation for a wide range of applications. It was the heady days of the early noughties and, being young, we produced technically dense 3d content – ’cause it was cool and it made us feel clever. Over time we’ve learnt a lot about visual communication and getting a message across and have established two important tenents. First – the idea is more important than the style (usually). Second – simplicity beats complexity (usually).

To illustrate this point here’s a quick case study. We’ve been producing a range of short, simple videos for Origin’s intranet for many years. While these started out as Green Office messages they found their ultimate home demonstrating important OHS communications. Usually this kind of material would be presented through induction videos ( the bane of all new employees)  - guaranteed to be tolerated but not retained. Breaking the OHS information down into bite sized single messages presented with some humour and distributing them through the intranet suddenly meant the important information was not only being engaged with but being sought out. We’d call that a highly effective communication strategy.

The simple character, nicknamed ‘Paddy’, is presented getting it wrong ( with hilarious consequences) and then getting it right and so restoring order to the work place –  and, no doubt, the force as well. No need for dialogue, concerned ‘to camera’ footage or a budget for a stunt co-ordinator and all sewn up in around 30 seconds.

This same approach works for marketing messages  - especially when you have a more complex idea to communicate. We produced this video with a similar approach for an company offering business tools for coaches.If your company needs to communicate with its staff, if you need to get your message to your clients and customers you should consider this as an option. Simple animated content can be a highly cost effective, quickly  turned around and extremely efficient way to get the message across in an engaging and entertaining way.

Give us a bell and we can talk you through the process from concept, design and storyboarding through to online distribution.