Video and return on investment

We know how valuable video is for online stores. Just to make it clear – here’s a simple way to calculate the time to ROI on video for your online store. We’ve put together this calculator to show the time to ROI for your product videos.

We’re assuming a 50% increase in sales as that’s a conservative average across the numerous studies that have been conducted across a wide range of industries.

[Video Cost]/[Profit margin] * ( [current monthly sales] x [% increase in sales])

So for example – your store sells sunglasses.

The profit margin on a certain line is $30.00 per unit  and currently you sell 20 pairs per month. You could do better so we work with you to produce a range of videos to demonstrate and promote your products.

So – 30 x (10 x .5) =  $300 revenue increase/month

Video Cost/Revenue Increase = 300/300 = 1 month.

In just one month your investment will have paid for itself and continue to improve your bottom line 24 hours a day, seven days a week. All the while also increasing your SEO, traffic and engagement.
That’s why it is has been identified as the marketing collateral with the best ROI by numerous sources.

Get in touch and let’s talk about how we can improve your bottom line.