The Genie – Crowd Funded Magic

We’re not planning on using this blog for product reviews but The Genie – a motion control time lapse rig developed in NZ is worth a mention. Firstly because it is a brilliant innovation from a country that excels at that (no, I’m not biased) and secondly because the inventors got it all off the ground with a crowd funding project that raised over 600k.

The world has changed. You can eat 2 minute noodles for a year while getting your big idea up and have your potential market right there at your finger tips. You can develop a prototype and then fund the production through pre-sales on a crowd funding site. This means more good ideas get developed, the IP remains in the hands of the creators and a natural meritocracy develops where those project that have found their place and have value are supported and find the funds to be developed.

As with digital publishing the gate keepers are being made redundant. There are now immediate distribution channels, direct access to your market and funding possibilities that  come straight from your potential customers. We like all of this  a lot – it puts the control and power in the hands of the creators, it removes perceived dependance on funding bodies or financial institutions and  it is a great way to test your market. Put simply – if the market itself  won’t support the development of  the project then there was not a viable commercial possibility there in the first instance. The kind of clarity that this provides to any project development is hugely valuable.

The Genie is a motion control rig that takes time lapse footage while moving or panning the camera – you can see some the gorgeous footage that it capable of capturing on the video above. While we at Steamfish don’t often have need of this kind of rig we are very keen to get our hands on one and start playing with the posibilities. Yet another creative tool for our collection.

Crowd funding can be a great way to get your idea, film or project of the ground. After speaking with Rick Chen, the founder of Pozible, he made it clear that to do it successfully you firstly need an existing and attentive audience or following, secondly you need a great pitch  - always in the form of a video. No doubt the guys who developed the genie have an advantage here – working in the industry and producing a product that takes to die for footage.  We’ll be following their careers with great interest :)