What’s a Steamfish ?

We produce video and animation.

Steamfish has over a decade of experience producing material for a diverse sweep of platforms – from planetariums to mobile devices, if  it’s  moving on a screen we’re up for it.

Starting out as an animation studio at the  beginning  of  the century we now produce live action video, motion graphics and animated content for many very, very happy clients.

We are film makers at heart which means that we can take your project from concept through scripting and storyboarding to post production and final output.


Our Approach

We think communication is key.

Not just in video production – in everything. We take this and apply it to not only the way we produce our work but also to the way we do business.

We pride ourselves on the ability to take any information, however complex, and find creative ways to present that information clearly and with maximum impact and engagement.

Structuring and presenting information, succinctly and in the most engaging way possible is our great strength. We’d love to talk to you about all we do together - Get in touch.

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